Huang Xiaoming is wearing white Yeezy, but why people are all paying attention to the tires?

Recently, the photo of Huang Xiaoming wearing adidas Yeezy 350 v2 boost pure white in the street becomes the hot topics for many e-pals. Xiaoming doesn’t look like in his forties when wearing the white Yeezy, yellow fleece, and khaki leisure trousers. I will believe he is very young if you said this.
However, the focusing of e-pals is not the white Yeezy Xiaoming is wearing, or even not his good look. Instead, the tires behind Xiaoming steals the spotlight. Huang Xiaoming, in order to lengthen his height, lengthens the tires into oval! Some kind e-pal turns back the tires into circle, and Xiaoming’s long legs are gone at the same time!
Thanks to this kind e-Pal to show the tire’s innocence.

Of course, there are many famous stars wearing white Yeezy these days, and the white Yeezy is not the focus, even for a single time!

For example, when Gulinazha wears white Yeezy, her long legs steal the spotlight successfully. Who would see the white Yeezy at first sight, except me, who is so devoted?
When Ma Tianyu wears white Yeezy, his ripped jeans steal the spotlight.
Yiyangqianxi wears white Yeezy, the black respirator steals the spotlight.
When Yangmi wears white Yeezy, her double jaws happen to steal the spotlight.

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