Summary of disadvantages of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 series

E-pal No.1: Let me talk about the black one first. As well known, the black V2 series is very very easy to fade. When it is rubbed, the color is gone. Of course, sometimes it even fades a large square.

E-pal No.2: Then as for white zebra, the most important disadvantage is that it is too expensive.

E-pal No.3: Let’s talk about the pure white version. It is really nice, but you need to look down every now and then when you are walking. Or even you need to get it cleaned in every five steps. LOL

E-pal No.4: disadvantages of the grey and orange version are not coming yet, comments are welcome.

E-pal No.5: The conclusions for disadvantages are very right. One more thing to mention is that the shoe head of yeezy is too small. If you get one pair of small size, it is easy to get your toes crushed.

E-pal No.6: The shoe sole is not wear-resisting enough.

E-pal No.7: low quality

E-pal No.8: The quality is just so so. It is only a stunt of limited quantity.

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